Unmissable Place To Visit In Japan : Kyoto, Tokyo & Takayama

Japan is some place I figure everybody ought to visit. From cutting edge high rises to quiet bamboo woodlands and neon arcades to tranquil sanctuaries, it’s like no place else in the world. The food is staggering, individuals are ultra respectful, and it has one of the most productive public vehicle frameworks on the planet. We love the mix of simplicity of movement and radiant bewilderment.

Japan has such a great amount to offer however where would it be a good idea for you to begin? These are our picks for the very best places to visit in Japan, ideal for your first or second outing to the country (in addition to ideas for the recurrent visits that are probably going to occur!).

I’ve remembered our number one activities for each spot, how long to spend there, and where we remained. Toward the finish of the post you’ll track down a guide of this multitude of Japan objections to begin arranging your course. I suggest blending a couple of the well known urban communities (a great many people won’t have any desire to miss Tokyo and Kyoto) for certain calmer, more rustic spots in Japan to see an alternate side of the nation and enjoy some time off from the groups.

Assuming you just possess energy for one Japan objective, make it Kyoto. This is customary Japan as you envisioned it — geisha in splendidly hued kimonos rising up out of wooden teahouses, backwoods of bamboo, sanctuaries and holy places in gold and silver and red, raked rock Zen gardens, multifaceted blowouts served on lacquered plates, elegant tea functions, and markets brimming with charming however unidentifiable fixings.

The substantial tall structures of downtown Kyoto can be disheartening, so go out towards the mountains to the encompassing neighborhoods where you’ll track down tight stone roads, old wooden houses, priests in streaming robes, and the hints of reciting and gongs from the numerous sanctuaries and places of worship.

Gion is the spot to recognize geisha, Higashiyama has numerous delightful sanctuaries to investigate, and Arashiyama, up in the western slopes, is perhaps the most customary areas and home to bamboo forests, particular sanctuary, and monkeys. Kyoto is one of the top Japan places of interest, so attempt to visit the well known sanctuaries promptly in the first part of the day as they in all actuality do become busy.

In Kyoto don’t miss:

  1. Meandering through the red torii entryways of Fushimi Inari hallowed place
  2. Figuring out how to cook conventional Japanese food with Emi
  3. Getting your fortune from a candy machine at Kinkaku-ji (the Golden Temple)
  4. Taking the train to the town of Kibune and strolling across the valley to the wonderful Kurama-dera sanctuary
  5. Withdrawing from the bustling roads of Gion to the mystical Yasaka-jinja around evening time
  6. Walking the Philosopher’s Path
  7. Encountering Zen Buddhist cooking at the Tenryu-ji sanctuary
  8. Getting off the beaten track at the peculiar Otagi Nenbutsuji sanctuary
  9. Investigating these mysterious Kyoto cherry bloom spots assuming you visit in late-March or early-April

How Long to Spend: 3 evenings least yet 5 evenings would be better. We’ve burned through two months in Kyoto regardless haven’t done everything! A more drawn out stay likewise permits you to keep away from the groups all the more effectively (you have all the more early mornings accessible) and go on a portion of these great day outings from Kyoto.


Assuming Kyoto is the core of customary Japan, Tokyo is its ultramodern partner. It’s here you’ll find the high rises, loud arcades, occupied walker intersections, insane youth styles, and numerous inconceivably delectable cafés. On the off chance that all you do in Tokyo is eat, you’ll live it up — even as veggie lovers we ate so well.

Tokyo is additionally home to probably the most odd exercises we’ve at any point finished. From themed bistros (felines, owls, house keepers, robots, goats — and so on, Tokyo has it) to tangible over-burden shows and arcades to cos-play go-karting.

On my most memorable excursion to Tokyo I was overpowered by the rambling city and couldn’t resist the urge to contrast it horribly with Kyoto. On recurrent visits I’ve developed to cherish the city (the food unquestionably helped) and keeping in mind that it isn’t quite so alluring as Kyoto, there is such a great amount to do that you won’t have any desire to skip it. We suggest purchasing a Japan Rail Pass ahead of time as it will set aside you cash and it’s so natural having the option to bounce on and off trains all around the country.

In Tokyo don’t miss:

  1. Driving a go-kart on the genuine streets while dressed as your number one person. Madness yet such a lot of tomfoolery!
  2. Eating in a little eatery on environmental Memory Lane
  3. Looking at the night horizon from the free Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku
  4. Strolling across the renowned Shibuya Crossing
  5. Gawping at the insane styles of Takeshita Street in Harajuku
  6. Visiting the splendid DisneySea (perhaps our number one Disney park on the planet!) or adjoining Tokyo Disneyland (or both assuming that you have two days spare)
  7. Getting tactile over-burden at the unusual Robot Restaurant show
  8. Drenching yourself in the vivid advanced workmanship gallery, TeamLab Borderless

How Long to Spend: 3 – 5 evenings or longer to require roadtrips, (for example, to Nikko, Kawaguchiko or Hakone (for Mt Fuji), and Kamakura). We’ve spent more than a month here on different excursions nevertheless track down new activities. On the off chance that time is restricted, I would distribute additional opportunity to Kyoto than Tokyo.


Takayama is a completely lovely unassuming community on the edge of the Japan Alps and one of the most amazing less-visited spots to go in Japan. I cherished meandering the memorable focus brimming with customary wooden houses, beautiful sanctuaries, conveniently molded trees, and dazzling red extensions over the waterway.

In Takayama don’t miss:

  1. Meandering the old town in the early morning before the groups show up
  2. Purchasing flavorful natural product from the morning markets
  3. Eating on mitarashi-dango (rice balls barbecued in soy) from a road slow down
  4. Seeing the extreme floats at the Festival Floats Exhibition Hall
  5. Visiting the Hida Folk Village to see customary covered houses
  6. Burnning through the field with Satoyama Experience.

How Long to Spend: 2-3 evenings. We had 2 evenings and wished we’d had longer since there’s parts to do in the encompassing open country. With a more drawn out stay you could require roadtrips to the customary covered rooftop places of Shirakawa-endlessly go climbing in Kamikochi in the Japan Alps.

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