Must Visit Restaurant In Seoul – South Korea (2)

Hello friends, in this article, we will again suggest places that we recommend to enjoy South Korean cuisine, especially in the Seoul area. And don’t forget to read Must Visit Restaurant In Seoul – South Korea Part 1 here. Okay, then, here are some of our recommendations, hopefully they are suitable for you to include in the list when traveling to Korea okay.

Best conventional shopping centers
1. Namdaemun market
This complex of the divontal business sector has several outstanding food streets. One is the Kalguksu rear entrance (cut blade noodles) where benefactors get free bibim naengmyeon (cold noodles in a tasty sweet sauce) and Kalguksu with a bibimbap application. For novel meals, try the rear entrance that is covered with stewed hair tail fish where fish are cooked to delicate perfection in a usual pot loaded with radish and a burning sweet sauce. Other well -known snacks around the market incorporate high quality and Hotteok dumpings measured high quality, roasted smaller than normal than the cakes loaded with a decision of a sweet or tasty filling.

2. Gwangjang market
Gwangjang Market, one of the most experienced habitual commercial sectors in the country, is a great complex known for selling a variety of delicious and modest foods. Some well -known meals incorporate Bindaetteok, Kkoma Kimbap (small ocean growth rolls submerged in a mustard soy sauce) and Yukhoe (hamburger tartar).

3. Tongin market
Despite the fact that it is a much more modest habitual market, Tongin Market has quickly become a raffle for its lunchbox of its own type of unique form. As a result of paying a small charge at the level of ₩ 5000 (US $ 5), you will get a compartmentalized lunchbox plate for certain old usual coins. Walk through the market, choosing what you need. A merchant will place the food on your plate and take the amount of currencies it costs. Place again until you run out of coins.’

4. Northangjin Seafood Mercado
The contributions of the fish in Northangjin, the largest fish market in Seoul, are the most different and new you will find. Examine the various merchants to see what is accessible. Your skills for wheels and treatment will be valuable here or will discover complicitly if the merchant will throw a couple of gifts. When the merchant ends the underlying fish planning, it will probably be coordinated with a related coffee where you can have your freshly bought fish organized only the way you want. Despite cooked dishes.

The best noodles in Seoul
1. Myeongdong Kyoja
In activities that begin around 1966, Myeongdong Kyoja works in cuts cut of blades finished with sauteed vegetables and meat in a tasty chicken broth. While Kalguksu is normally made with fish or meat broth, the plate in Myeongdong Kyoja has a slight smoked but light flavor, and his Mark Kimchi is a small look at the sky of a garlic love. Steamed meatballs and a famous cold mixed noodles are also in the menu.

2. Younghwaru
The dishes impacted by Chinese from Jajangmyyeon (meat with meat and vegetables cooked in dark bean sauce) and Jjambbong (no hot fish broth) are a number 1 of Koreans, and the hot shape of Younghwaru is an example of Seoul. The two dishes incorporate a liberal measure of cheongyang peppers split, a Korean bean stew pepper known for its intensity, which adds a burning blow.

3. Wooraeok
Famous seen as a flavor among most Koreans, Pyongyang Naengmyyeon (a dish of cold noodles) acquires a new life in Wooraeok. The unmistakable and strong burial has turned Pyongyang Naengmyeon into a number one throughout the year for local people since the place opened in 1946. It combines the dish with a co -gagogi hamburger cooked to find a really winning party.

4. Jinju Hwoegan
One of Korea’s best known places for Kongguksu (cold soy noodles), Jinju Hwoegan has served everyone, from legislators and business pioneers to famous people. Each of the beans in the soybean soup is of the best quality of the province of Gangwon and is manufactured with a mysterious recipe to give its extra flavor of nut. In fact, even the mixture of the noodles varies from others due to the fixings, for example, potato starch and earth nuts, which are added for additional flavor and versatility.

5. Korean fried chicken
Then don’t forget about all the Korean Chicken, you can buy it all around in South Korea, they have a really lot of variations. The recognizable smell floated outside the Hotel Jamsil Lotte in the summer of 2018, since 500 people in South Korea accumulated in Seoul to obtain one of the largest ruling privileges in the nearby food scene. In the last stretch of the opposition with 578,000 safe candidates, the last contestants tested their palates in a visual disabilities trial for the honor referred to: a confirmation of Chimmelier (chicken sommelier). That natural smell? It is the oily smell of a public fixation: KFC – Chamuscado Korean chicken.

Frequently matched with Brew (maekju), there is a unique term for eating chicken and savoring the combination of Lager – Chimaek (some of the time spelling ‘chimac’). A Korean chicken bust with sides of cured radish and garlic cloves on a wooden table. The beloved roast chicken Koreans could design a visit with poultry themes through the nation, eating the popular ‘Alley Seared Chicken Alley’ in Suwon, testing Dakgangjeong of Sokcho (sweet and marinated chicken) and chomping during a couple of Days at the Daegu Chimac Festival in July July. However, the simplest method to participate in the joys of the Korean roast chicken is to submerge the face in the fresh flavor in one of several chicken joints in Seoul.

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