Must Visit Restaurant In Seoul – South Korea (1)

Like Seoul, the culinary scene of the capital of South Korea is established in custom and culture with a hint of development. From the very good quality kitchen to the modest delights of the area, Seoul has something for each type of enthusiast to appreciate. Come hungry and leave good food and memories. Here are Seoul restaurants today.

The best cheap meals in Seoul
1. Ttukbaegi Jib
The humble Ttukbaegi-Jib has been distributing simple Korean stews and dinners for quite some time. They have fulfilled their decision of stew, rice and a variety of hand -made garnishes such as mixed soybeans and sauteed zucchini. Eat independently or combine them as one to make bibimbap with their personalized enrollment (red pepper glue) at each table.

2. Kokkiri Bunnsik
Tteokbokki (cooking rice cakes in a hot and sweet enforcement -based sauce) is a margin of exemplary Korean, and Kokkiri Bunnsik offers a sandy and sandy assortment on the side of the table where you can modify its fundamental tteokbokk with covered eggs or syndecos of Glass- Dumplings chamuscadas full.

3. Songlim Sikdang
Initially used by taxi drivers since they were fast and modest, the “taxi coffees” are currently famous party places for all. Songlim Sikang is probably the largest Taxus coffees in Seoul with more than 300 seats. The soups and stews are of modest and accompanied rice and a garnish. A dearest menu option is marinated pork that arrives in a huge dish full of stock for cooking on your table.

4. Yoojin Sikdang
However, much has changed in the Jongno area, Yoojin Sikdang of many years continues as before. His Naengmyeon in the style of Pyongyang (a dish of cold noodles) and Bndaetteok (pastels sauteed with Mungo beans) along with their soups and stews are probably the least expensive inside and outside the city, so anticipate a group.

Best Korea Barberque in Seoul
1. Ogeunnae Dak Galbi
The soft chicken pieces in sweet and spicy spices are cooked with aqueous perfection in the famous Dak Galbi Ogeunnae located in the Yongsan district. This restaurant is a place for chickens that are eaten in lettuce, with noodles or alone. For more traditional dishes, Ogeunnae Dak Galbi is also the best place (regardless of the Chuncheon area where it comes from) to eat the popular Dak Galbi (chicken and vegetables are stirred with sauce based on red pepper paste).

2. Daedo Sikdang
From 1964, Daedo Sikdang was a Korean barbecue institution. At each table, he will listen to Hanwoo Sirloin (Korean beef) that is a companion in the registered trademark of the registered brand of restaurants. Forge dessert, close your food ordering the famous Kkakdugapap – Kimchi radish cut into cubes and rice cooked in the representation of beef.

3. Getbeol Eui Jinju
This friendly chain of bakes fresh seafood such as shells, shells and shrimp right at your table. If you don’t want to bake, choose to cook together in the stew. With the slope aside, this is a good rest of ordinary flesh.

4. Maple Tree house
This luxury chain of the Korean restaurant Barbekkyu is a good option when you want to impress. Observe the main pieces of meat, including pork and beef, cooked with experts in your table. You can enjoy several Korean noodles, rice and boiled dishes or add to your barbecue meal.

The best high-end dinning in Seoul
1. Poom
Poom takes the Korean dishes of conventional high society and the reconsidering with an avant -garde retrot. The occasional menu implies that the best fixations are used. His meat and fish dishes, such as grilled and marinated hamburger, are champions and similar to what could have been served when he has served the sovereignty of Korea. The restaurant area, under the Núl Tower in Namsan, offers incredible perspectives that cover in the city.

2. Mingles
As its name recommends, this base fantasy expects to “combine” the types of Korean and Western kitchen styles. Conventional Korean fixations, for example, soy glue and white kimchi are perfectly hooked and out of nowhere with sheep and brush cream to boost current Korean food to new domains.

3. Dosa
The acclaimed most memorable coffee grower Akira Back in the nation completely embraces his Korean roots. A large number of dishes are reevaluations of the memories of Korean food. A model is the DOSA interpretation of the Bossam conventional dish (stewed pork stomach presented with new kimchi), which highlights the oak seed was in charge of the Iberian pork presented with Kimchi produced using Denive (a non -traditional vegetable for Kimchi ).

4. Toc Toc
With fixations and flavors of a variety of food, putting a name on TOC is difficult. Natural dishes, for example, pasta, terrine and steak acquire amazing flavors, while exclusive dishes such as truffle meatballs need to make the area of ​​interest of the Gangnam district famous.

The best lovers of vegan vegetables in Seoul
1. Plant Cafe
One of the main vegetarian coffees in Seoul that offers plant -based options after Korean kitchen, Plant Cafe offers delicious bowls of vegetable lovers, hamburgers and vegetable wrapping. Its vegetarian drink options incorporate everything from milkshakes and cold juices to teas and fermented tea. Vegetable bread kitchen has cakes, sweets and other delicious sweets with heating.

2. Sanchon
The Buddhist Buddhist food of Korea has acquired world opening lately. In addition to visiting a sanctuary, Sanchon is possibly the best known option to prove this interesting position, which prevents fixations such as garlic and chives. Located in the Insadong area, Sanchon was presented by a previous Buddhist priest with an emphasis on conventional occasional and technical fixations for planning. Its modest configuration and vivid plate show have made Sanchon an immediate success. The usual Korean exhibitions occur at night.

3. Balwoo Gongyang
Despite the advanced configuration, the Balwoo Gongyang menu is loaded with usual Korean Buddhist dishes that leave meat and certain roots such as shalots and leeks. Custom sauces and glue them are combined with the coolest occasional fixations to make dishes even like yam and jackets and shiitake mushrooms prepared.

4. Drunken Vegan
As the name recommends, the restaurant and the drunk vegan bar are ideal for those looking for some things and vegetable lovers to go with a decent determination of drinks. The lasagna of vegetable lovers or fried prawns with bean stew sauce are complacent. The space is comfortable, however, the air is relaxed and socially. Forge the dessert, run your food ordering the famous kimchi of radish and rice in cubes are cooked in meat representations.

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