Make Prambanan Temple Your Tourist Destination On Your Upcoming Vacation

Prambanan temple was built around 850 BC by the kings of the Sanjaya Dynasty to be precise by Rakai Pikatan which was later expanded by Balitung Maha Sambu during the Medang Mataram kingdom. Its construction is intended to pay homage to Tri-Murti, the three main gods in Hinduism. Hinduism recognizes Tri-Murti, which consists of Lord Brahmin as the God of Creation, Shiva as the God of Destruction and Vishnu as the Preserver. In the Siwagrha inscription there is a description of the historical events of the war between Balaputeradewa from the Sailendra dynasty against Rakai Pikatan from the Sanjaya dynasty. Balaputeradewa who lost fled to Sumatra. The consolidation of the Sanjaya Dynasty was the beginning of the new reign which was inaugurated with the construction of the Prambanan temple cluster.

The occurrence of several natural disasters such as earthquakes and the eruption of Mount Merapi as well as the displacement of the administrative center of the Sanjaya Dynasty to East Java have destroyed the Prambanan temple complex. Prambanan Temple was known again when a Dutchman named C.A.Lons visited the island of Java in 1733 and reported about the temple ruins overgrown with shrubs. Roro Jonggrang Temple or better known as Prambanan Temple is located in Yogyakarta. Prambanan is selling well during the Eid holidays. Two years of the pandemic, this temple remains one of the favorite destinations for tourists visiting Central Java. Tourists claim to miss coming here again and forget playing slot online game.

As expressed by Diana (27), who took advantage of her homecoming from Cirebon with her family to see the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia after two years. “Finally before the pandemic. Go to the Prambanan temple because this place have a historical site with good views, good atmosphere,” said Diana. Not only for old visitors, Prambanan Temple also attracts new visitors, such as Andre (30) and Ratih (24), a young couple who choose Prambanan Temple to spend their vacation time. Both of them came all the way from Medan and chose Prambanan as one of their tourist destinations, with the reason that this temple is not only a vacation spot but also a place to learn history.

Their second impression of seeing one of the most beautiful temples in Southeast Asia is that the building is very grand and beautiful. But they regret the regulations that do not allow tourists to enter the temple building. But this visit did not make them give up, both plan to return again someday. They hope that when they come again, Prambanan Temple can be climbed by visitors. “Cute, majestic, but yes, you can’t enter the temple. Yes, hopefully later when it comes again and it’s not a pandemic, we can see how it is in the temple. Because those who have never wanted to go inside,” said Andre.

Due to the pandemic, the 39.8 hectare Prambanan complex underwent several changes according to tourists. As stated by Taufik (58), a homecomer who takes his children on vacation to Prambanan. According to him, Prambanan now looks more beautiful. “I used to see Prambanan rather arid, yes, now there are many trees for shade,” he said. He also added that now Prambanan looks more advanced in providing facilities, along with the increase in the price of entrance tickets and facilities.

“It’s also more advanced, now there are cars that make transportation around, there are also many facilities. But yes, there is a hefty fee,” he added. Finally, he advised that in the future Prambanan should provide canteens to buy food and drinks, because visitors are prohibited from bringing food into Prambanan. Not only learn the legend of the formation of the Prambanan Temple complex, but visitors can also enjoy the various games provided there. Among them are scooter rentals, archery, bicycles, parks and swings, photo spots, and others.

Tourists are free to choose and enjoy the various facilities provided. This Prambanan tour seems to promise visitors not to be bored while in the area. During the Eid holiday, Prambanan Temple is open from 08:00 to 17:00 WIB. The ticket price for local tourists is IDR 25,000 for children and IDR 50,000 for ages 10 and over. Facilities rental is available at a separate cost.

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