Knowing This Before You Go To South Korea

The Korean culture has been given for a long time, despite the best efforts of the hostile neighbors to leave. Assuming that you know and consider the Korean culture, you will get considerably more out of your time in Korea.

1. Kimchi is culture
The kimchi cuts the cabbage, aged with red stew sauce and anchovy glue. It is sharp, hot and acre. The Koreans love it and eat it with each dinner, normally as a last moment idea, however, they also use it as a fixation in different endless dishes. Kimchi is emblematic of Korean culture: serious areas of strength for him and resistant. Some strangers cannot endure it, but in the event that you can, you will get the genuine appreciation of local people. Without a doubt, it is one of the best food meetings you really want to have in South Korea.

2. Shoes off
While entering a Korean house, you must take off your shoes. Doing less is an indication of incredible irreverence. Koreans have a unique relationship with their floor, in which they feel and rest frequently. A dirty floor is atrocious in a Korean house, and see the Westerners as in the wild inverse to remain in our salons.

3. Soju
Korea is a society to drink, and its public liquor is Soju, a reasonable vodka drink. SOJU is plastered with pacifier glasses, and like all alcohol in Korea, it is constantly presented with food. The Koreans drink in unbridled meetings, which are constantly hitting vessels, while geonbae shout! (Health) and a single shot-uh! Around the afternoon, you will see men emerging from Norae Bang (Karaoke Salas) and amazing by roads, giggles, singing and contending. Simply make sure you stay away from the puddles of the pink regurgitation frequently abandoned, which are otherwise called Kimchi flowers. The Koreans have severe manners to drink: they never pour their own drink, and while they are poured for someone more seasoned than you, put a hand in your heart or your arm poured as a noble gesture.

4. Rice
Like the Japanese, Koreans eat rice with almost every party. He is so imbued in his way of life that one of his good more normal news is Bap Meogeosseoyo?, Or ‘Have you eaten rice?’. Not at all as the Japanese, the Koreans mostly eat their rice with a spoon, and never lift the rice bowl of the table to the mouth. Similarly, the chopsticks should never avoid staying with respect to the rice bowl, since it seems how rice is proposed to the dead.

5. Try not to smile
Koreans are warm and liberal individuals, however, you can never know for the Killjays in which they stick openly. Sometimes, the tumultuous paths of the promontory look like an ocean of looks, with everyone in a real sense that put their toughest eyes towards the future. However, this is not valid for children, who will constantly smile and laugh while shouting “Hello! Hello!”

6. Be careful with the elbows
Korea is a transcontinental country. It is a group of stony mountains with a couple of valleys and fields to manufacture. The result is many people in small spaces, and people are not reflected in pushing and discouraged to reach a transport, an elevator or to those ideal onions in the market. Do not waste your time with “apology”, and be careful with the most established women, known as ajumma. They are destructive.

7. Protests
The South Koreans strongly argued society based on the popularity they currently appreciate, and are among the best on the planet regarding practicing their right to dissent. Disagree is perfectly healthy. The Koreans fight with recurrence and fight with intensity, on all sides of the political rank. The nonconformists use a variety of strategies, from the fierce (the substitutes IRACES routinely assault the police with huge metal bars), to the ridiculous (eliminate the fingers, throw creature manure, cover themselves in holifer bees).

8. Hikking
As Korea is resistant, you should not surprise anyone to climb is the public interest. In fact, even the most swarm urban communities have mountains that offer a relative safe house of the dynamic road frenzy underneath. The Koreans are at their best on the mountain. They smile and welcome you and will frequently demand sharing your food and drink. Make a point to stop at a Mountain Restaurant for Pajeon (waste) and Dong Ju (rice wine). Coincidentally, make a point to see our manual of everything you really want in your package to explore in Asia.

9. “Dog” Eat
In fact, some Koreans really eat canine meat, despite irregular efforts by the public authority to close the coffees (dog meat soup), to work in the “world image” of the country. Canine meat is consumed predominantly in the middle of the year and by men, who guarantee that it makes resistance legs.

10. Patriotism
Koreans are incredibly happy individuals, and here and there this pride changes in hot patriotism. You see this patriotism shown in the Games, where a large number of Korean fans encourage their public groups as one, hitting the battery and stirring huge banners. This patriotism particularly reaches the boiling point at any point that refers to Japan, since Japan has attacked them several times, and involved Korea as a settlement practically for the main part of the twenty hundred, spraying the assets of the nation and recruiting a large number of his ladies. as sex slaves.

Finally, remember the following two things:

  • For a Korean, there is no sea of ​​Japan. The body of water between Korea and Japan is known only as the East Sea.
  • In addition, Koreans fervently believe that Dokdo, the islets played between Korea and Japan (known in Japan as Takeshima), belong only to Korea.

It would be reckless to try to disagree with any of these points, since Koreans do not consider them debate.

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