Japan Accepts Tourists Back After Shutting Down For The Past 2 Years

As of June 10, the United States and many other foreign visitors can travel to Japan with a guided tour.

After approaching foreign tourists for more than two years, Japan will allow several recreational travelers next month, with conditions. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced Thursday that as of June 10, the country will welcome visitors on a guided pack of packages, which includes transport and accommodation.

Tourists from 98 countries with low coronavirus infection rates will be allowed; The United States is in the group. The largest June reopening follows a small test that allows around 50 people on an organized tour of Visit 12 Prefecture, from this week.

“Step by step the goal of accepting [tourists] as we do in normal time, taking into account the state of infection,” he said. Visitors from low -risk countries do not have to show evidence of vaccination and do not need to isolate or test when they arrive independently of their vaccination status. According to the verification list published by the National Japanese Tourism Organization, travelers must show evidence of negative evidence within 72 hours after the game to the country.

The number of people allowed to enter the country every day will increase to 20,000 from the current limit of 10,000. The current number includes business travelers, foreign workers and students, but not tourists. Japan has closely controlled its border throughout Pandemi and continues to prohibit tourists even after many other Asian destinations began to welcome visitors again.

With a prohibited recreational traveler, only 250,000 visited the country last year, compared to more than 30 million per year before Pandemi. The country’s tourism agency estimates that a little more than 100,000 people visited the country between January and March compared to more than 8 million people during the same period in 2019.

Seino Satoshi, president of the National Organization of Japanese Tourism, said in a statement that this group worked with local governments, destination marketing organizations, home travel agents and abroad, airlines and others to prepare for them to Entry trips will start again. “I welcome the fastest speed where the international community was preparing for travel recovery for tourist purposes,” he said. “The Government has announced a policy about the act of starting Japan to join the effort. I consider that this is the first step towards recovering tourism to enter Japan.”

Peggy Goldman, president and co -owner of the Planet Travel Tour operator, said Friday that his company was prepared to bring tourists back to Japan. Given the limit of how many people can come to the country, she expects the return to slide slowly. “Honestly, I don’t think we can really start a strong tour program before next spring,” she said. “There is a request,” she said. “We can evaluate how much request we have once we tell people that we begin to make a reservation.”

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