Here Some Travel Advice For You To South Korea

South Korea, a piece of Asia still invisible, looks for you. Turning South Korea will take it through 5,000 years of history and culture, combined with an impressive scene of high mountains and quiet entrances. South Korea trips offer each of the fascinating things for travelers, from huge bright urban areas to small fishing cities in rice fields.

Photo taken in Seoul, South Korea

What to find in Seoul?
The capital of the country is Seoul, a city where current structures are built near small habitual houses. The city is loaded with different shocks that come from the buzz of lively roads and many occasions. To better do Seoul, investigate the most established castle in the city and the Gyeongbokung temple with a main morning assistant after its appearance. The director in the summary is the reorganization from top to bottom. A part of the visit also incorporates a visit to Jogyesa’s Buddhist sanctuary with beautiful acacia trees that are filled with the front. The visit will close with a visit to the Blue Castle, the Corea leader’s house, known by the blue tiles and is located under the Bugaksan mountain.

At the beginning of the night, make the visit through the Royal Palace of Changdeokngung, the best protected of the five castles that implicit the hours of the well -known Joseon line. The visit directed then, at that time, will take you to two clamor markets. The first is the human expression and the works of art that used to be the social community of the city previously, however, today it attracts customers to their various paths. The posterior is the Namdaemun market, the largest conventional Korean market where one can buy at sensible costs, particularly with respect to garments.

The next directed visit will go to a walk through the popular Gangnam local, showing both the avant -garde and the usual side of the capital. The visit begins with a boat ride along the Han river and under the 27 scaffolds that transcend it. COEX Convention and Exhibition Center with its extraordinary stores and a huge aquarium, loaded with oceanic life, anticipates in the region. The next stop is the Binkunse temple, which contains 3,000 Buddhist sculptures. You can investigate the city from above from the Lotte World Tower and respect the view from the highest Korean structure.

What different regions in South Korea are also worth visiting?
70% of the Korean Peninsula is covered by mountains. It is nothing unexpected, at that time, which are essential for the agenda. Beyond Seoul lies the Bukhan mountain. Move to the top and participate in the excellent view. At night, you can loosen in the conventional Korean sauna. There are many more options for mountain trips in the Seoraksan National Park in the northern piece of the country. There you can investigate the pine forests that hide clean streams and lakes, with rough mountains with pleasure over them.

The DMZ or Korean demilitarized zone is probably perhaps the best known places of the nation and is a neutral summary land of five kilometers wide that isolates North Korea and South Korea. The region is surrounded by electric walls, terrestrial mines and combatants on both sides of the limit. The visit directed through the area will take it to IMJINGOK, an area of ​​recreation of memory and trust, where the bridge of La Libertad is located, which was used by combatants to return to its nation of origin. From the Dora Observatory, you will have the option to see all the way to North Korea.

Going in South Korea will not be wonderful without visiting Jeju Island, a Unesco World Heritage site. The island should be on each South Korean agenda and deserves to see why. The island is home to the most notable pinnacle in the country, the fountain found liquid magma, which is located in a wooded park. The coast of the island is rough and seen with waterfalls. Another visit that will be fascinating for travelers is an excursion to the burrow of the underground magma.

Where to stay in South Korea?
There are nine HI accommodations in South Korea and HI people get 10% reserving any of them. One of the most beautiful of these accommodations is in the second largest city in South Korea, Busan, which is located in the Korean Strait. Yh Busan Arpina offers everything a Voyager could desire and, surprisingly, more. She can go to the Exercise of the Posada exercise or the exquisite sneakers of the dinner where she can organize her own special meetings. All are sought in accommodation, from travelers to meeting participants. In addition, when you are in the city, they require a visit of a boat and a half. While sailing, you will experience many more lovely attractions, from the incredible YeongDodoVyo bridge to excellent beacons that stain the coast. The city is known for its sea coast and its incredible ocean background.

What different places in South Korea would be a good idea for you to visit?
In the pinnacle of Joseon’s tradition, his capital was Jeonju. It is currently full of sanctuaries, galleries and burial cameras, and is one of the high priority travel places while visiting South Korea. If you have any desire to find out about nearby culture, then you must go to the city of Jeonju Hanok, which has large amounts of regular houses, and try the popular Korean dish called Bibimbap, which begins in the district. Gyeongju, an old capital of the kingdom of chair, is much more experienced. The city is more than 2,000 years old and boasts several sanctuaries, old remains and social celebrations. You should start in the Bulguksa temple, a true show of religion and Buddhist crafts that dates back to the eight hundred years.

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