Best Ramen Restaurant in Tokyo

Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish. It consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles and it served in meat-based broth, often seasoned with soy sauce or miso, and uses toppings such as pork slices, nori (dried seaweed), menma, and leeks . Ramen is rooted in Chinese noodle dishes: Almost every region in Japan has its own variation of ramen, such as tonkotsu ramen from Kyushu, and Miso Hokkaido ramen. Mazemen is a ramen dish that is not served in soup, but with sauce (like tare).

Ramen, Japanese iconic noodle soup dish, not only enjoying great popularity in their country of origin but throughout the world. The best Ramen bowl in Tokyo is the center of attention for many tourists, but the number of stores and varieties of noodles can hinder this effort that is seen. To help him make his dreams of Ramen, we have taken the four best Stores of Ramen 2019 in Tokyo for a deep appearance. Check this!

  • Nakiryu: This Ramen Star Michelin restaurant in Tokyo takes you to the soup noodles
    Nakiryu has won extraordinary fame after being appreciated by a Michelin star, the second restaurant of Japanese Ramen who received a much requested prize. At lunch, you must wait for a waiting time for approximately 2 hours, but you may have a better luck in the afternoon and night during the week. However, for Japanese ran fans, it is worth waiting for this food, and we especially recommend Shoyu Ramen specifically Nakiryu.

    The bowl looks simple but looks very extraordinary. This is generous with three types of chashu (grilled pork), different parts of pork, all of which are cooked differently and shrimp meatballs, medium eggs, homemade menma (salty bamboo sprouts) and Green onions. The noodles are also very beautiful, offering a very soft mouth and align perfectly with Rick soy sauce soup.

    Although Tanmen, the Chinese version of the Japanese favorite noodles soup, does not really, we really encourage you to try Tanmen Nakiryu. The noodles are surprisingly strong to bite and make the funny spicy soup more delicious. Take advantage of Hanazansho (Japanese pepper) available at the table to increase fragrance and the best flavor! Nakiryu’s owner works as a chef at the famous Hong Kong, a special ramen store that obtains a Michelin star in 2011. The place itself, Nakiryu, is just 5 minutes walk from the Otsuka station, so make sure Stop smoking with Ramen’s experience at the full level new!
  • Haru: Salsa ramen bowl with impact
    Haru is a Japanese ran noodles that opened in 2012 and was immediately popular, first with Ramen Maniacs, then, when his reputation spread, with the Gourmet Gourmet Tokyo scene. The real bowl that you have to ask for is a “special sarracene wheat” store that is rich and thick, rational sauce with chashu pork pieces that are generous and scented. Aqueous meat that improves with any other snack with flavored eggs, dried algae, green onions and menma. Japanese ran noodles are thin but still firm to bite, couples suitable for dashi soup and soy sauce. The chopped green onions add a little crispy and a little flavor and aroma, seasoned the right broth.

    For a little additional cost, you will get a recharge noodles. We mainly recommend “AE-AEA” for 200 yen in terms of recharge, which is an original emotional taste noodes, improved by salt sauce or soy sauce. We try to ask for soy sauce noodles with ramen soy sauce and fascinate how extraordinarily they were both. It may think it is too much, but the taste takes further without too spicy. Haru is one minute on foot from the Iriya station in the Hibiya Tokyo Metro line. Although this restaurant is very popular, surprisingly calmly just after the opening and at night, do not hesitate to go through a brunch or tasty ramen dinner.
  • Toripaitan Kageyama: Beautiful combination with chicken and ramen!
    Toripaitan Kageyama near the Takadanobaba station, just 4 minutes on foot. Ramen Restaurant specializes in Tori Patan, white soup, chicken thickness and his tasty version is very popular among local residents and tourists. We visited Torip Little Kageyama around 3:00 pm, just after lunch, and we didn’t have to wait to sit down. While Patan Ramen is one of the richest soups available, this is surprisingly refreshing and offers a delicious aftertaste.

    The broth itself can be served as filling and delicious and the noodles are provided by one of Tokyo’s most famous noodles called Asakusa Kaikaro. A pleasant chewable noodles offers a very beautiful balance with a rich soup. Steamed chicken, fried green onion, medium boiled eggs and red lettuce of the leaf makeup the Ramen Patan Kageyama, the original bowl that will melt in the mouth.

    Take advantage of the lemon served next to your ramen – orange juice will give a soft broth and add certain kicks to a soft soup. We recommend eating half of the soup before adding lemon! If you have the remaining broth at the end, don’t hesitate to enjoy it with free rice.

    Really heavenly. Torip Little Kageyama is actually managed by a high -class Chinese Kageyamaro restaurant in Jiyugaoka Tokyo. The head of the Ramen restaurant also works for Kageyamaro, one of the reasons why the noodle soup here is very delicious and this shop is one of the most famous Takadanobaba. This shop can comfortably walk to Takadanobaba Station at Tokyo Metro and JR Takadanobaba Station, served by the Yamanote route.
  • Ushio: Try the next generation of sauce sauce sauce, a combination of modern and traditional
    Ushio immediately obtained a place in the heart of Maniacs Ramen Tokyo just after its opening in 2012. The bowl you have to try here is Nihon -ichi Shoyu Soba Ramen, created by the superiority of the soup that is improved with high seaweed of high seaweed Hokkaido quality to noodles and coverage. The soup should be a showstopper bowl. It is made of non -pasteurized soy sauce that is age and form a base, which is then even more improved with fish. This is very rich in Umami and offers an aroma that will make your mouth align with the first aroma.

    The ingredients are pig pigs, flavored eggs and many different vegetables. This bowl is a beautiful harmony of all its content, which tickles in its liking with a rich flavor and thick noodles. Next to the ingredients described above, each bowl is equipped with three slices of smoked duck meat. This meat has an extraordinary unique flavor that will really love you. The soft sense of the family of soy sauce broth increases the most beautiful ducks.

    Ushio is close to the Awajicho station in the tokyo Marunouchi Metro line, basically right next to him. This is an elegant ramen store that offers a quiet oasis in a large and crowded city of Tokyo, allowing him to enjoy a delicious Ramen bowl with his own speed. Lunch time becomes quite busy, but apart from that, you will not have to last long before sitting. The best time to go is immediately after opening.
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